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Japan Vows To Work With Jordan To Secure Hostage Release - Yahoo News

"We would like to work together with the Jordanian government to secure the release of Goto," Yasuhide Nakayama, state minister for foreign affairs, told reporters in Jordan late on Monday. Nakayama was sent to Jordan last week to deal with the crisis. The militants have dropped a ransom demand. They now say they will free Goto in exchange for the release of Sajida al-Rishawi, a convicted Iraqi suicide-bomber, from prison in Jordan. The militants captured a Jordanian http://felipeyaaz.wallinside.com pilot after his plane crashed during U.S.-led coalition bombing in eastern Syria in December and Nakayama said he hoped Japan and Jordan could work together for his release too. "The release of this pilot as soon a possible is also an issue for us Japanese," more.. Nakayama said. "Both our nations have to work together to ensure that both the pilot and the Japanese hostage return to their respective homes with smiles on their faces." Media has reported that the militants were demanding the release of another death-row convict, raising speculation about multiple swaps involving Goto and the Jordanian pilot. Jordan's King Abdullah was quoted as telling a Jordanian newspaper that the case of the pilot, First Lieutenant Muath al Kasaesbeh, "tops the country's priority".
Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/japan-vows-jordan-secure-hostage-release-070336597.html

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