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France, Germany, Japan In Running For Australian Submarine Deal - Yahoo News

"France, Germany and Japan have emerged as potential international partners," he said. "The competitive evaluation process will help the government balance important considerations including capability, cost, schedule, and risk. Interoperability with our alliance partner, the United States, will also be a fundamental consideration." The diesel and electric-powered Collins Class submarines are go here now set to be retired from the mid-2020s, with the programme to replace them the largest defence procurement project in Australian history worth some Aus$50 billion (US$39 billion). The Australian military confirmed last month that it was http://www.purevolume.com/shaynefbfx/posts/9180095/Kanye+West%3A+Not+Smiling+Makes+Me+Smile%2C+Plus+Why+He+Believes+Fashion+Is+God%27s+Work+%7C+E%21+Online in talks with Japan and others on the design and production but this is the first time it has narrowed down the countries it would invite to bid to be part of the process. View gallery The programme to replace the Collins Class submarines will be the largest defence procurement projec Andrews said the government original site would seek proposals from the three with options for designing and building the submarines overseas, in Australia or a combination of both. He added that he expected significant work to be undertaken in Australia during the build phase.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/france-germany-japan-running-australian-submarine-deal-031225708.html

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